Friday, 10 July 2015

Virtual WSOP Bracelet Reminds Everyone How Dull Online Poker Is

There was a little buzz, some timely clichés and more than a little desperation among the hordes of journalists covering the World Series of Poker this year, deal Melted Felt readers.

This was the challenge of reporting on the brand new ‘online bracelet’.

After using up the words like ‘Historical’, ‘ground breaking’ and ‘inaugural’, the fact that the reports were on a series of anonymous screen names began to sink in.

Sure, we would find out who the players were – especially at the end when the final table moved over to a live event. At the same time a clash of hands between ‘Nate245’ and ‘BigFish78’ was never going to have the appeal of a match up between living, breathing pros at a featured table at the Rio.

Journalists cover the online games must be painfully aware of this already. With exciting reports of winners that the universe never knew it was supposed to give a shit about coming and going every week.

One thing that the online bracelet event did very well is to remind us all how agonizingly dull online poker is. Hats off to the miserable souls who think of themselves as ‘free’ sitting in front of monitors all day long clicking like a robot.

California Withdraw Poker Bills

Could the withdrawal of the 2 poker bills in neighboring CA really be a coincidence here?
I’d like to spread that little seed of doubt.

The one which says that they saw the online bracelet event, remembered what a painful and utterly dull experience online poker is, and said ‘fuck it, lets just keep the horse racing part of the bills’.

I guess we’ll never know…

Meanwhile, the US poker networks have changed position in terms of traffic considerably…


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