Tuesday, 29 March 2016

PokerStars NJ Breaks Record with 3 FULL Tables

It was the moment that US online poker has been waiting for – the return of reg-infested PokerStars to the US of A. I am pleased, dear Melted Felt readers, to report that things have gone swimmingly well as far as the launch is concerned.

Things went so well that New Jersey online poker broke a new record, as a 3rd cash game table was completely full (with 1 person waiting) on Easter Sunday at around 5pm. Sure, all of the tables featured 8 regs all multi-tabling and 1 clueless fish wondering why his limps were always getting reraised… but let’s not nit-pick, we are celebrating here! Celebrating the fact that a poker site that is only really good because they have the massive volume of players that allows more games and bigger promos returning to the US – without their biggest benefit. Of course, once the fish lost a couple of buy-ins he went back to the casino games and the regs swapped bankrolls for the next 3 hours while Stars took the rake…

Wonder-f-ing-full news.

Now, here at Melted Felt gratitude is the name of the game [are you sure about that, I thought it was poker? Ed]. I for one am very grateful to all the poker players who continue to play at Amaya properties despite the investigation of their CEO into insider trading deals. 

Players have obviously taken a look at the history of online poker, rationally assessed the risk to their bankrolls should the owners be found to be corrupt and decided that the rewards of playing against hordes of multi-tabling regs outweighs any risk. Or maybe they just assume that ‘it’s different this time’.

After all… what could possibly go wrong when the person in charge of the site which is your livelihood gets indicted?

Rake Increases

I’ll finish this post by adding my comment on the recent rake increases. No, not to congratulate a certain Mr Negreanu for being man enough to state that these were put in place to increase revenue for the owners… that’s all well and good.

I wanted to applaud the regs for their indigent ‘told you so’ posts over at 2+2 after DN came out with his comments.

You were probably able to work this out for yourselves if you had really really put your mind to it guys.

Then again, we are talking about a group of people who think that they are doing some kind of favor to a fish by sitting in a table with their HUDs and experience and raping new players of their bankroll within minutes… this kind of ‘service’ is known as ‘providing volume of games’, right?

I’ll look forward to bringing you more happy, sparking, wonderful news of US online poker soon!


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