Wednesday, 16 July 2014

New Jersey Online Poker Revenues Surge After Misclick

Some great news to report today, contrasting with an otherwise bleak start to the much hyped State-by-State roll-out of online poker in the US.

Yes, Dear Melted Felt readers, New Jersey saw as 34.6% rise in their online poker revenue during July. This prompted many US poker writes to jump onto their laptop to write another thinly veiled attempted to convince us that that metaphorical Norwegian Blue is, in fact, alive and kicking.

Only the euphoria was short lived.

Yes, it turned out to be a misclick.

You see, Dave Morrison, 28, from Millville, NJ was enjoying a game of online poker the other night, safe in the knowledge that this was regulated and taxed, that the IRS would have full access to his win / loss record and the NSA to his check-raise percentage… when an accident occurred.

He had called a bet in the big blind with some suited cards, hoping to slow play a flush on a paired board. All was going great in the hand, with only two more diamonds sure to give him the pot against an opponent who was bound to be bluffing. He just clicked over to his browser for a second, to check on some *ahem* educational videos and *boom* the poker table appeared on top again. Just at that second his mouse was over the ‘call’ button and he found himself all-in.

Unfortunately Dave did not get his diamonds, and the pot went to his opponent, who had a gutshot straight draw and paired his six on the river.

By pushing the rake for that pot up to $2.25c, all hell broke loose among hordes of out of work US poker journalists.

This was it!

The turning point was here!

The full glory of US online poker was about to return!

Revenues had increased, month-on-effing-month!

Until Dave owned up to his error.

Now it is back to the same old blame game mixed with hopeless optimism. Just to sell a crummy article to a website nowadays takes some extreme new scapegoat… I can see the headlines for the Fall already.

“Slow take-up of US Online Poker Blamed on Gay Marriage”

“Proof: Climate Change Responsible for Delaware Card Room Declines”

“Sheldon Ashton Laughs So Hard His Colostomy Bag Bursts”

Oh well, at least we have the same old white males in their 20s and 30s making up the November 9 to give us something to talk about… no… wait.

Never mind, back to breaking even in sit n goes but for the rakeback.


Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Holdem Manager 2 Blackjack Edition To Be Released Soon

Full Tilt Poker recently released casino games including blackjack, dear Melted Felt readers. While I saw right through their ploy of trying to get their retarded players to lose a little slower by building in a house-edge, this did not stop me having a try. In fact I was able to use all my skill, cunning and ability to read a blackjack strategy chart to lose my money slightly slower than the other people playing… the best result I could possibly have expected!

With 4 other players in the game, you might start to wonder about their tendencies, their leaks and just how often they go to showdown.

Well, wonder no longer – those helpful chaps at Holdem Manager are developing a HUD system to help you mock your opponents in the Full Tilt blackjack games, while feeling superior to them for losing at the slowest possible rates.

Here are some of the stats that will be displayed:

VIPID: Voluntarily Put In Double – We know since you can’t really play without VPIPing, VIPD is a better measure of looseness. You should be doubling down around 11% of the time over a significant sample size, and any deviation from this will show you that the particular player is LAG or particularly passive. If you are acting after one of these players you can slightly screw your nose at their score, then continue as you were – since what they did actually makes no difference to you what so ever.

WTS%: The 'went to showdown' percentage gives you a lot of information about a blackjack player, anyone with too high a percentage is probably not hitting enough on 12’s or 13’s. This is valuable information for those who like to snort when someone else busts.

3-Split %: Many players will split, particularly against a dealer 5 or 6, some brave souls will even resplit their split (assuming it was not aces, which only split once). The 3-Split% relates directly to those players who go the whole way and split for the 3rd time, giving themselves 4 hands to lose to the dealer’s runner-runner-runner 21 with.

Attempt To Steal: Stealing when you have a 16 is so obviously suicidal that even complete blackjack fish know better. This HUD Stat instead shows attempt to steal the dealer’s 10 when on 5th base. Hitting on a bad card, taking the 10 that would have busted the dealer and then seeing him hit that miracle 6 is not only proof that you are a retard who ruined the hand for the entire table – but proof that the people calling you a retard have no real clue about the random distribution of cards and would be better of quitting completely and taking up golf instead.

A stat to assist with card counting was considered, then abandoned when the HM2 development team realized that your average poker player starts to get confused when they run out of fingers.

Fining Your Own Leaks

Holdem Manager (Blackjack Edition) will also have a special feature to use your own database of hands to spot your own leaks. My recommendation is that you look the difference between your blue line and your red line, and try to understand that any positive result in the green is just pure fucking chance and will not last over any significant sample size.

If you play really well, then you can compare the losses on blackjack to those from poker. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know, I know, poker is a game of skill and not gambling at all… blah blah blah, just be honest with yourself for a moment will you, blackjack might just be the game to help you lose that money a little less slowly…


Thursday, 30 January 2014

Fastest Online Poker Games (Stupid Fast Edition)


Poker, dear Melted Felt readers, has got fast enough.

Oh yeah, it started innocently enough… a turbo here and a ‘speed’ there. Before we knew it time banks were tiny, blinds were going up faster and antes were leaving your stack faster than you could rake in pots.

Then Full Tilt started the great speed-up-poker arms race, conveniently just before they went broke and crashed into 18 months of oblivion. Rush Poker cut out the waiting time between hands by pooling players together, though even this was not the end of the escalation.

Hyper-Turbo tournaments followed, then Rush got emulated around the world, with Zoom, Speed Holdem and, erm, well, Strobe? *ahem* Anyway, there were soon tournaments in this format, and 2x and 3x turbos where you could buy back in for 1/3rd of a small blind…

Now, in 2014, things have started to get silly.

Adrenaline Rush Poker sees Rush cut down to 10 blinds with no pesky post-flop play to slow things down.

Twister Sit N Goes at iPoker give you random prize pools, 3 handed hyper turbos (with antes!) and enough fish to drive you absolutely fucking nuts.

I have seen enough.

How about we just get to the natural end of this process already and stop messing around with increments? Look Poker sites, you know that we know that you know that we know that you know that all you want is our fucking money… so come on, take it, take it fast and take it all.

Just to speed up the speeding up process I came up with 3 poker games which are so fast that if you sneeze you might miss them.

Fastest Poker Games Online #1 – Bankroll Refresh Holdem

Instead of messing around with cards, I am suggesting we just put a big red ‘Play’ button next to each player’s balance in the cashier. Whenever this is clicked, their bankroll either goes up a bit, or down a bit. We could make it more exciting with the occasional big win. To make it feel like a game of skill there should be some cards dealt (quickly, of course) and some chip noises.

To give it that real world effect how about adding a chat box where someone randomly pops up and calls the player a retard now and again?

Fastest Poker Games Online #2 – JD Speedball Poker

This one is a bit of an online / offline hybrid and would involve taking a serious amount of Crystal Meth, Opiates and washing them down with a bottle of Jack Daniels. When you wake up you’ll find that you have played a million hands of holdem, with your strategy decided by which keyboard buttons your head
falls onto when you pass out. You’ll be able to check your balance which will be displayed in extra big letters, along with the address of your nearest ER clinic.

Fastest Poker Games Online #3 – Large Hadron Collider Ass-Chip Challenge

Alright, this one is not online at all, but man, that beam in the collider is fast, and I mean really fast. Here is how I imagine the LHCACC to go:

First the player chooses a Texas Holdem hand, which is to be held firmly between their teeth.

Next they bend forward until their head is at the place where the beams of the Collider cross and the dealer shoves their buy-in into their ass using small denomination chips.

The beams are then started and collide inside the player’s head. The remaining chips in his ass are then counted and double this is returned to the player, along with 7 frequent player points.

Sounds fucking fast to me.


Friday, 17 January 2014

PokerStars Software Update Shows Players On The John

PokerStars already own poker on the desktop and laptop, dear Melted Felt readers, and with a new software update they are aiming to own mobiles and tablets too.

What many players are not aware of is a special algorithm which can detect when you are sat on the toilet. This changes your mobile avatar to a picture of the john, so that your opponents will know your focus might be on other things.

Insider sources are telling me that a patent has been filed to use the subtle changes in skin conductivity combined with bet sizing dara to tell the world whether you are sat for a number 1, 2 or have been ‘rearranging the furniture’ down there recently… though we are not too sure what the on-screen icon for the latter will be.

Party Poker are expected to fight back by making really sh1t strategic decisions and losing more of their market share.


Monday, 16 December 2013

Lock Poker Take On Mandela Signer To Solve Withdrawal Issues

It has been a long week, dear Melted Felt readers, where greedy entitled lazy cunts all around the world have likened their quest to get more for doing less with the lifelong struggles of Nelson Mandela.

At least the sad death of such an epic guy had a happy ending for one individual.

With the scandal fake deaf signer Thamsanqa Jantjie still reverberating around the echo chamber of online news, we are happy to announce that he has found a new job in the poker industry.

Thamsanga has accepted the role of heading up withdrawals at Lock Poker, and will start as soon as he comes out of hiding.

You may be surprised at this appointment, but insiders are almost certainly not.

He has all the right qualifications, including:

-          - The balls to stand up in front of billions of people talking absolute nonsense (well, signing, but hey, that’s good enough for Lock).

-          - A prior conviction for Theft.  (ok, he did get caught, but nobody is perfect)

-        -   Got away with Murder. (probably!)

-          - Trusted enough to stand with world leaders including Obama. (as long as nobody checks)

Lock are 100% confident that Thamsanga will have the payout issues solved and the poker site back on track within days.

If not, well, it was all the Revolution Gaming network’s fault, and a rogue payment processor and some dodgy players pretending to be affiliates and… what issues? There are no fucking issues! Just one or two people, no big deal, they created the problem for themselves by doing something wrong, nope, we can’t tell you what, of course our payments are among the fastest in the industry… Just ask Tham.


Wednesday, 4 December 2013

PokerStars To Deliver Bad-Beats By Drone

We know that PokerStars have lead the way in technology, dear Melted Felt readers, but today I can exclusively reveal an innovation that will simply blow your mind.

In 2014, bad beats will be delivered by Drone.

You’ll get to the turn way ahead, confident of hitting that final table or winning a huge cash game pot. Instead of seeing the river card online, you’ll hear the approaching hum of a quadcopter. This will arrive at your window with a box attached, which will contain your river card. Knowing your luck this will be that 2-outer that you were dreading, again.

Already accounting clerks who never shot anything bigger than a spud-gun have posted tough-sounding Facebook messages saying they’ll be hunting the drones down.

Already people who will never make anything happen in their entire lives have declared that nobody will be able to make it happen.

Already, you are starting to worry that 2014 will not actually be the year you ‘finally catch a break’, and wondering if losing all that money over a number of years can really be explained by being ‘good but unlucky’.

But What If I Win The Hand?

I get it. You want to know if the drones will also deliver winning cards, after all, if there are two people in the hand and no tie possible, then one of them has to win – right?


The thing is, that online poker is specifically rigged against you.

Yes, you.

That low value player from an average neighborhood whose main contribution to the poker world is the occasional whine in the chat-box.

An entire team of highly skilled programmers, psychologists and AI experts has come together to specifically rig the games to make you lose. The clever thing is that they have managed to do this while maintaining the randomness of the deal over billions of hands tracked by millions on individuals and tracking services.

Clever, eh?

This team have cunningly come together to take your $8 Sit N Go entry fees, a little more often than average, even though you’d lose it anyway over any significant sample size.

So, no problem with the drones bringing bad beats there then, you’ll hear the hum and know that the river card is going to beat you again.

We asked a spokesperson from Stars to comment, only they were far too busy laughing at the fact that their seasonal promotion is bigger than all the other poker sites, casinos and sports-betting operators combined to reply.


Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Perfect Day (Poker Player's Reprise)

Oi, Reed, yes - YOU!

Bloody ageing rock stars going around snuffing it, only to leave their damn songs stuck in the head of owners of poker satire blogs which used to be funny... 

Just not on, not on at all.

*Ahem* anyway.

Thought I'd mark the occasion of the passing of yet another celeb I did not really know was still alive until he was not, with a poker players special version of 'Perfect Day'... This one is bound to bring tears to the eyes of all you fucking idiots who thought grinding for a living would 'set you free', enjoy.

Perfect (Poker) Day

What a perfect day, sat round in my underpants
Logged straight on to PokerStars, and then played
Ooh such a perfect day twelve tabling poker games
Then later a tourney too and then zoom

It’s such a perfect day, I’m glad I spent it alone
Such a perfect day, you just keep me grinding on,
You just keep me grinding on

Such a perfect day, set, straight and a royal flush
I miss having friends sometimes, but not much
Such a perfect day, you just keep me grinding on
You just keep me grinding on

Such a perfect day, berated a fish or two
Made me feel special though, really good
Such a perfect day, not corporate slavery
Just sitting here really free, in the dark

Oh it’s such a perfect day, I’m glad I spent it alone
Such a perfect day, you make me forget myself
I thought I was someone else, someone good

VPPs, VPPs, VPPs, VPPs will just grow
VPPs, VPPs, VPPs, VPPs will just grow

VPPs, VPPs, VPPs, VPPs will just grow

VPPs, VPPs, VPPs, VPPs will just grow


Friday, 25 October 2013

Quick Fire Friday Poker News Roundup

Its Friday, the favorite day of the week for people who think 2 days off in a row is reason enough to live the life of a slave! Friday used to mean a roundup of the poker news every week here at Melted Felt. That was in the good-old days, when this blog used to be funny. Now as the world’s only poker satire blog what is *officially* no longer funny, I am proud to bring you the Friday roundup slightly less often than I can be bothered – if that.

Anyway, this is the paragraph where I summarize the week’s news and tell you how fucking exciting it is. Whoop whoop, its great this week, awesome, poker is really very interesting, no, you are not dull at all, poker players are balla, I mean, whooo, cool and everything.



I’ll crack on with the roundup then.

Negreanu Wins Poker Beard Of The Year Award

Despite some stiff competition from whiskered poker players around the world, motor mouthed Negreanu’s rather thin though delicately trimmed beard has won him the ultimate accolade of Poker Beard of The Year 2013.

It was a close call, McEnvoy threatened to write more of his atrocious books if his grey fuzz did not get some votes. Sklansky got his lawyer involved to verify that less than 10% of his beard was made up of the pubes of women half his age, and late contender Annette Obrestadt was disqualified after it was found her mustache was actually chocolate milkshake.

Tom Dwan has threatened to enter the race next year… if someone could please tell him exactly how one grows a beard?

Indian Court Declares Poker A Game Of Skill

I’m surprised this one did not make the headlines, since poker players are usually so anal about their ‘skill’ element (even though 95% of them would be financially better off playing casino games).

Anyway, this was a high up court, and has set a useful precedent for this country of almost a billion people. We are still waiting for the outcome of a test case to find out whether forum spamming is skill or luck…

Big One For The Drop Back In 2014

Good news for people who have a spare million, the ‘Big One For The Drop’ will return in 2014 with its charitable dual mandate of providing clean drinking water to people without access, and showing average poker players just how fucking poor and insignificant they really are.

56 people will demonstrate just how pathetic your lives are with the winner probably taking home more than the $18 million bagged by the beardless Antonio Esfandiari in 2012. Participants may be required to sign a declaration that they do not see any irony whatsoever in drinking Evian during the event…


Sunday, 20 October 2013

101 Things That Make Me TILT

Not the usual cutting edge news today... instead a list of 101 things that make me tilt. If you have any more then let me know, get enough and we can have a follow up '30 more things....' sort of thing.... anyway, no further intro required.

101 Things That Make Me TILT!

1 - Opponents who constantly flat call raises
2 - Typing OMG in the chat box when you lose a 65% / 35% shot
3 - Making a Minus 15 Dollar ev call at the bubble of a SNG then typing 'knew you were bluffing'
4 - Limping Aces
5 - Min Raising Aces
6 - Typing ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ into the chat box
7 - Baby Photos At Stars, Your baby is NOT FUCKING Beautiful
8 - Dog Photos at Stars (could be a cat too - do not want to be petist)
9 - Star-wars influenced Screen names, FFS this stopped being cool in 1982!
10 - Claiming poker is rigged when you lose pair vs overpair hand... do you actually know what 20% means?
11 - Typing TY into the chatbox when nobody said 'nice hand'
12 - Short Stacking
13 - Sitting in a Limit game with 700 big bets in front of you
14 - Typing 'Only at XXXXX Poker' when you bust from a tourney (insert site of your choice)
15 - When you fold the big blind getting 3/1 or even 4/1 with antes against a short-stack shove late in a tourney
16 - When you insta-call my all in with KJ sooted
17 - Screen names containing any variations of teddy and KGB
18 - Bad beat stories of any form at any fucking time
19 - Typing 'only online' in the chat box
20 - Screen names containing the words pimp / daddy etc
21 - Pictures of women who would not even notice you existed - ever - as your screen photo
22 - Playing any 2 suited cards
23 - Min-raising out of position after 4 limpers
24 - Acting like you were Phil Fucking Ivey in a $3 poker tournament
25 - French Players
26 - Reload bonuses which take 500 hours to clear
27 - The adverts which pop up when you switch off poker sites when your boss walks past
28 - People who berate fish online... Do you ACTUALLY KNOW where the money comes from??!?
29 - Anyone who tries to convince you that online poker is really truly rigged, honest, just look at my 600 game donkey-play sample for proof
30 - Typing Jokerstars into the chat box
31 - Believing Ace-jack is an unbeatable monster
32 - Calling your opponents 'bingo players' at the bubble of a SNG with <10 blinds="" br="">33 - Raise-folding at that same bubble with 6 blinds yourself
34 - Thinking that any one form of poker is superior to any other, get a life!!
35 - When you give a walk to those medium stacks at the bubble of an MTT
36 - People who ask for private freeroll passwords in the chat
37 - Beggars at the high (or any) stakes tables asking for cash online
38 - Those who think aces give then a fundamental right to a double-up
39 - Eyes in screen photos on Stars / Party
40 - That dumb surfer avatar at Full Tilt
41 - People who limp too many buttons
43 - Those who post coolers / bad-beats onto forums in the guise of asking for strategy advice
44 - Anyone who plays any ace, any where, any time
45 - People who start talking about M, ranges and / or ICM in the chat in a low limit game
46 - Threatening opponents with physical violence in the online chat box - I mean, WFT!!!
47 - Last longer bets...
48 - Typing 'of course' when you have a pair vs Ace-x and the ace hits (aka, not really understanding what 30% means)
49 - Anyone typing 'put you on 99' (for example) based only on a standard pre-flop raise.
50 - Those who join freerolls when blind away because they forgot all about it
51 - Actually make that anyone who plays freerolls ever too
52 - Overcalling a raise, re-raise, 4 bet all-in, call of that 4 bet... with Ace-8 suited
53 - Whining in general in that chat box
54 - Screen pictures of close up eyes
55 - Raising all but one chip
56 - Challenging opponents to heads-up matches you KNOW you can not afford
57 - Offering your opponent 4/1 on an all-in call then berating them for making it
58 - Titan Poker's 'tournament starting' alerts with 5000 pop-up messages
59 - People who type NH every fucking time
60 - Those who call with no pair, no draw and spike their miracle card on the turn
61 - People who think playing at UB is morally reprehensible, yet millions of children dying of easily preventable diseases evry year is just 'one of those things'.
62 - Anyone telling a fish that there is such a thing as VPIP
63 - A big stack at the bubble of a tournament who makes it their personal mission to double up every single short stack at the table
64 - A big stack at the bubble (of a satellite especially) who gives the short-stacked big blind a constant 'walk'
65 - The hoody avatar at Cake Poker
66 - Open limpers in 6-max cash games
67 - Anyone who tries to chat-up the 'ladies' in an online poker game (For fucks sake, there is a minimum 75% chance you are smooth talking some hairy bloke!)
68 - Players who constantly overbet the pot
69 - Complaining that you always bust on coinflips when you actually take several in a row
70 - Trying to look 'tough' by having a scary / horror picture as your avatar
71 - The fact that, even with 2 gig of memory, I can not play at PKR Poker
72 - Typing ZZZZZZZ into the chat box when it is damn obvious your opponent has disconnected
73 - Taking of disconnections nothing worse than losing your internet completely while at the bubbles of 8 $20 SNGs (yep, really)
74 - People from outside of England who display badges of English football teams... just.... WHY?75 - Anyone who mini-raises every hand
76 - Anyone who mini-raises only with aces / kings... and then gets upset when everyone calls and someone doubles up after outflopping them
77 - People who do not adjust to the relative hand strengths in Omaha Poker, but manage to complain when their aces are inevatably cracked.
78 - Going slow to let the blinds go up in a SNG tournament
79 - Anyone who actually believes in a 'Cash Out Curse'
80 - Poker players who believe that they are really really good, just a little unlucky
81 - Saying what you folded after the hand, especially when it was junk that would have made an unlikely straight, for example... "folded 6-3" on a final board of A-4-K-5-7
82 - Pausing an unduly long time before folding EVERY TIME when defending your big blind
83 - The 'Clapping' Animated Smiley at Carbon Poker
84 - Blogs / Forums which contain nothing but bad beats and whining
85 - Set over set
86 - Rabbit Cams (the ones which show what the flop / turn / river would have been)
87 - Anyone who offers to 'chop' at the end of a $5 Multi-table SNG
88 - The chat box morons who rail the 'big name' pros at Full Tilt Poker
89 - Anyone using a lord of the rings picture or name at the table
90 - Players who donk bet the minimum after calling in a 3-bet muli-way pot
91 - Opponents who disconnect, then come back for 1 hand, then disconnect again (repeat!)
92 - Calling the chat moderator service at Poker Stars
93 - Check mini-raising the flop
94 - Showing your big-blind rags when folded to
95 - Showing your strong hands, draws, bluffs or anything else for that matter
96 - Saying GG to every player as they bust, even though they did not even hint at anyfriendliness throughout the game
97 - Pictures of Stu Ungar on Poker Stars
98 - Anyone posting on a forum asking whether their 300% ROI over 167 games or 19PTBB / 100 over 6k hands is good enough for them to 'go pro'
99 - Players who are completely incapable of folding once they have entered a pot (but only if they hit)
100 - Pictures of a pair of aces at Stars... bet you thought it was so fucking original eh?
101 - The thing that tilts me most of all, more than anything else in the world - is YOU.

Lemme know if you have more...


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